December 17, 2020

Make Your Company's Learning More Visible with Our Slack App

Our Learnerbly Slack app makes the learning that goes on at your company more visible to everybody.

We use Slack ourselves, and developed this app internally over six months. Visibility and sharing can be powerful multipliers for learning at a company. It keeps people accountable, shares knowledge and encourages conversations. The app helps workplace learning fit more conveniently into your existing work process.

The app reports to a channel on Slack whenever learners at your company make a request (that they choose to share) or review a resource. We're aware how important privacy is in the context of learning at work, so we won't report requests which learners have chosen not to share with their colleagues.

Once you've installed the Slack app, you'll need to invite the app into a channel by typing @Learnerbly . We suggest picking an existing channel, whether that's around learning, sharing interesting resources, or a general office notifications channel. You can test that the app works by reviewing or requesting any resource on the platform!

With this first iteration, we've made the learning activity at your organisation more visible. Going forward, we're looking to further integrate Slack into your Learnerbly experience in more interactive ways.

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