July 22, 2020

Our Favourite Email Newsletters

As part of my role as Content Editor here at Learnerbly, I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters (It's research, I swear!). There are a lot of excellent newsletters out there, and much like podcasts, it's a medium that's having a moment, driven by the ways in which it feels private — like you're having a conversation with whoever is running the newsletter.

Despite the boom in creativity, it's quite difficult to find run-downs of the best newsletters out there, so I've put together a quick run-down of what I enjoy reading most each week.

Numlock News

Numlock is an eclectic daily selection of headlines, loosely organised around tech and data. There's always one surprising insight each day, and it's extremely well- (and amusingly) written. Paying for the annual subscription opens up deeper insights each weekend

Trucks | Future of Transportation

A very wonkish look at transportation. If you want the latest news about self-driving cars, scooters and Tesla, you'll find it here.

Data is Plural

Each week, this newsletter contains a selection of publicly available datasets. You'll probably never do any analysis with them, but it's a fantastic source of inspiration for what data can tell us.

Kneeling Bus

Kneeling Bus laconically bills itself as a newsletter on technology and urbanism, but it isn't really... It's hard to explain, and the only constant each week seems to be that it will be exactly three paragraphs, and genuinely fascinating

Design Calendar

Straightforward — find out what design events are on each week in London every Monday.

Import AI

Come for cutting edge talk about datasets, GANs, TPUs, NLPs and Arxiv papers, and stay for the short-form fiction about potential AI futures at the end of each newsletter.


A weekly newsletter focused on the sharing economy, this reads like a wittily written analyst's report on the most cutting-edge startups in business. It maintains a remarkable balance between exposing the ridiculous financial underpinning of some of those businesses and recognising that aspects of what they do are both innovative and very popular.

Year of the Meteor

The most difficult to categorise newsletter on this list, this experimental newsletter and associated website has functioned as a general purpose exploration of what the writer Robin Sloan has been working on this year. It's the newsletter I look forward to most each week — beautiful, informative, fascinating and challenging — and hopefully will continue on into 2020.

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