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Curve is a digital wallet app consolidating cards and accounts into one place. They are a post Series C scale up operating internationally.



Meet Curve

Curve was founded in 2015 with the aim of simplifying the way people use and manage their cards and accounts. Curve’s mission is to empower their customers to enjoy financial freedom by simplifying and unifying the way they Spend, Send, See and Save their money. By empowering their customers to have complete control over their money Curve is the money super app that unlocks financial freedom.

In late 2020, they secured $95 Million in Series C funding with the intention of bringing their card to the US. Over the last few years, they have seen tremendous growth both in the adoption of their product and their team size. 

Their challenge

Curve is a forward-thinking company with ambitious goals. To meet them and to stay ahead of the (dare we say it?) curve they need to constantly develop their people to take on the challenges of tomorrow. In the words of their Head of Learning & Development David Frost, they need to constantly ‘sharpen the blade’. 

Our solution

In 2018, Learnerbly was brought in to empower self-directed learning at Curve. This was before they had even built their L&D function. When the L&D team did form, David saw that Learnerbly could be more than just a tool, we could be a trusted partner. 

At a glance, Curve wanted Learnerbly to support them in:

  • Offering learning opportunities in skills and topics to complement their learning programs
  • Developing their people’s capabilities quickly and at scale
  • Championing self-directed and lifelong learning

The outcomes

Democratised learning access for US and UK employees

The partnership between Learnerbly and Curve began with fewer than 50 users. They’ve since grown to over 430 users across 5 countries. 

The scalability of the Learnerbly platform ensures democratised access to learning for Curve’s people whether they’re in the UK, US or beyond. So while Curve continues to grow and offer all of their employees a high standard of L&D, we’ll continue to support them.

A partnership that raises Curve’s Leadership Bar

David came into Curve and rapidly built a series of innovative, groundbreaking and impactful learning programs. In particular, David built a number of world-class leadership programs and saw Learnerbly as a key partner in creating integrated learning journeys to support enhanced and accelerated leader impact, influence and growth.  

Learnerbly’s Customer Success contact worked closely with David to understand the programs’ themes and the organisation’s needs. Together they created themed playlists and curated resources that were instrumental in achieving sustained leadership growth.  

Since the creation of these programs, 100% of participants have reported:

  • They had actionable frameworks and insights they could apply to their roles immediately
  • Their leadership awareness and palettes were widened through exposure to different ways of thinking, behaving and leading  
  • They developed new skills and enhanced existing ones enabling their leadership growth and impact.  

Accelerated leadership development, at scale, is crucial in a hyper-growth environment - it can be the difference between success and failure. We are proud to be a partner and extension to their L&D team, supporting their peoples’ growth and strategising new ways to inspire lifelong learning as Curve goes from strength to strength. 

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