⌛️ Flexible Hours

Contractually, we work 9.00-6.00pm UK time every day

Typically, we leave at 5.00pm UK time on a Friday, after the Wins Meeting (all year round!)

We're flexible and trust our people to take ownership of their hours
Start earlier, leave earlier, take a shorter lunch or leave a bit later, it's totally up to you

From time to time, especially if a business or time-critical issue arises, you will be expected to work longer hours. If it's an all-hands-on-deck situation, you'll receive a heads up and dinner's on us!

🏋️‍♀️ Core hours

You should be available for meetings to be scheduled between 10.00-5.00pm UK time.

Talk to your manager and your team about what works best. This also depends on your role and the stakeholders you need to be in contact with! Once that's discussed, you're free to organise your time as suits you best outside of meetings.

🌍 Timezones

Talk to your manager first and communicate which core hours you're free so you get invited or caught up with team-wise things.

Check out the page on how to manage availability transparently for smoother collaboration

Availability visibility

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As you may have noticed 🙏, we're always looking to improve and adapt so please do share your thoughts on these guidelines. You can email hello@learnerbly.com