A platform designed for your L&D strategy

An L&D Platform that people really  use.

With our product, our clients have experienced industry-leading levels of employee engagement: averaging 60% compared the the industry standard of 15%. We are confident that with our marketplace, and support from our Fulfilment and Customer Success teams, we will help your business achieve your L&D targets.

Give your people the best tool to develop their careers

With Learnerbly, employees are able to set learning goals and use our marketplace to up-skill and attain these goals. Learnerbly is a great tool for companies to develop employees into managers and senior figures within your company. 

Free up time to focus on your L&D strategy

Learnerbly is the perfect solution for scale-ups with small (but mighty) people departments. Empower your employees with our marketplace, that allow them to own their learning. We handle the admin, so you can focus on the overarching L&D strategies that support your employees’ personal and professional growth.

A new approach to learning at work

Our marketplace is curated from both internal and external opportunities; from books, courses, conferences, coaching to articles, videos and podcasts.

Our curation is based on data-driven insights regarding what your peers are learning, as well as internal and company subject matter experts. This guides users to access the best resources based on what and how they want to learn

Expert-driven insights

Trusted by Europe's most progressive scale-ups and large enterprises, Learnerbly's product is driven by insights from over 200 thought leaders in the world of Learning and Development.

A prime example being Busuu's CEO and co-founder, Bernhard Niesner. Learn about some of his insights to remote working, post COVID, in his interview with our CEO, Rajeeb Dey MBE; one of the latest installations for our Expert Interview series.

See the platform in action

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