Our Mission

We work with organisations to create a progressive learning culture that empowers their people to own their development, guides them towards the best learning opportunities, and supports them in applying their learnings.

These beliefs are expressed in our culture. We dedicate our time and skills to enable fulfilment, and all contribute to making Learnerbly a place where people can grow and develop.

More practically, that means that we collaborate on fostering an environment where everyone can share thoughts, celebrate successes, make mistakes and learn from them.


Find out more about why we're approaching Learning and Development from a new perspective and put the focus on people's growth.

At Learnerbly, we practice what we preach. To give you an idea of how we built our learning culture, we wrote about it. Sharing is caring, so we also documented the step-by-step process we followed to build that learning culture.


Check out Google's Project Aristotle on the importance of psychological safety and what the benefits of a Lean Startup approach are.

Our values

The shared beliefs which drive our internal culture

  • Be your authentic self
    For us, this means finding the intersection between what you love and what you’re good at, so you can be yourself at work.
  • Invite everyone to dance
    We look for people who share our values and will contribute to our culture, but diversity alone is not enough.

    “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” We believe by being diverse and inclusive we make better decisions.
  • Set the destination, own the journey
    "Be the change you want to see in the world."
    Think big, speak up, take ownership.

    We believe in learning by experimenting and failing fast: use your creativity and resourcefulness to find solutions to problems you encounter.
  • Practice heartfelt, radical candour
    We know seeking radically candid feedback can be hugely powerful. We proactively seek and give feedback to reveal blind spots and accelerate growth.
Our culture

How we articulate our values everyday

First things first, we put development at the heart of what we do. Yes, everyone here has a learning & wellbeing budget and access to the Learnerbly platform.

Find more about how we operate at Learnerbly with a menu à la carte: explore all or specific parts of our Employee Guide, a window into how we think and work compiling internal practices, and which we use as a living knowledge base.

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