How your people will learn and grow with Learnerbly

Provide your people with personal learning budgets

Taking the radical step of providing personal learning budgets to your employees gives them the autonomy to choose what and how they need to learn by requesting individual learning resources. Approval flows allow you to strike the right balance between autonomy and guidance.

Your people define their learning interests and goals

Upon joining the platform, your employees choose the areas where they want to learn, from Leadership to Software Development, to Wellbeing or People Ops. They can also choose to define their short to medium term personal development goals.

Curated content from over 200 providers

Your people will receive both personalised recommendations and curated newsletters and playlists to guide them through their development. They can also explore the full breadth of our content across subjects and modes, from online courses to books and evening classes. If they discover something outside of the platform, they can make a case for it through our request anything feature.

Request. That's it. We take care of the rest.

Once a learner finds the right learning resource for them, they send it to their manager for approval. If approved, we take care of the rest of the process, including purchase, delivery and invoicing. And don't worry — this won't create chaos for your accounting department, as you're only invoiced once a month.

Autonomy with fine-tuned controls

You and your team managers get full transparency and can keep track of learning through analytics dashboards. You'll also have all the admin tools you expect, from pro-rated budgets, to activation upon the end of probation to auto-approval up to a certain price.
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