February 7, 2022

How We Approach Hiring

Marie Krebs

We're a growing EdTech scale-up, and we’re hiring often. Our mission is to work with organisations to create a progressive learning culture that empowers their people to own their development, guides them towards the best learning opportunities and supports them in applying their learnings. We want everyone we hire to be passionate about what they can bring to help us on that mission.

We're sharing our hiring process because we know it can be daunting and mysterious, and for a few other reasons too:

  • Knowledge is power: may this post be helpful for candidates looking to join us as well as organisations looking to iterate on their hiring process.
  • We don't have all the answers (nor do we need to). So we're sharing lots about how we operate to gather feedback on how we can improve our processes.

☝ Responsibilities

What we're hiring that person to do and how we determine if they can fulfil those responsibilities.

Through our hiring process, we want people to give examples of the outcomes they've achieved rather than focusing on output. What? How? Why? Tell us more about your thinking process and the results you did -or didn't!- deliver.

It's not all CV. We ask value-related and role-specific screening questions to understand people's approach, thinking process and motivations. Here's a piece of advice: we don't need to know what we don't need to know. Your marital status, profile picture and home address are pieces of personal information irrelevant to whether you make a successful candidate or not.

Alongside an initial screening call, we test applicants’ competencies by asking them to complete a task.

✌ Requirements

Requirements are ideal but not compulsory. We know some people are less likely to apply for the role unless they are 100% qualified. I was one of them.

We promote an inclusive, diverse and empowering culture at Learnerbly and we know that's a process, not a policy; that's also why we proactively post our jobs to less known boards and communities that address different types of people across intersectionalities.

We expect everyone at Learnerbly to own their work, improve internal processes and enhance the team experience. The most important requirement is that you have a strong passion for great work.

What that means is that we write role requirements with the desired impact in mind. We ask ourselves questions such as, "what type of experiences are most likely conducive to building the capabilities it takes to successfully work on the projects this role is involved in?"

What we don’t want is for someone not to apply because they feel like they don’t tick every box. 

🚀 Benefits

We’re passionate about learning and development and will do everything we can to maximise your personal and career growth. Check out our public Employee Guide for more details!

In light of the current context and based on our people's feedback, we are planning to work 100% remotely until at least April 2021, and we’re adapting quickly. That means we had to change a few of the perks we offer. RIP, on-site barista.

In addition to our standard perks and benefits, we’re supporting each other and maintaining our culture remotely through first-day delivery lunch on us, meeting the whole team over a series of virtual cuppas as well as the Donut Slack integration for more social time, surprise letterbox gifts, water-cooler Slack channels and tirelessly fostering a values-driven, open and inclusive environment.

💁♀️ We Practice What We Preach

And that includes promoting a diverse, inclusive and empowering culture as well as valuing feedback. We look for people who share our values and can add to our culture.

Looking for somewhere to start? This article by Maria Campbell gives brilliant CV advice. I legit wish I wrote it myself. 😏

We're holding ourselves accountable to embody our own values and aim to share helpful feedback with candidates, so they can take it and iterate on their application process in their own professional journey — and we pride ourselves in having made a difference on a fair few occasions: here's what some said about it:

We have a product approach to all things People, from Talent to internal operations, so we treat candidates as users. What’s that look like in practice? We built short feedback loops in our hiring process so that candidates can share their insights to help us build a better experience for them. Here's what some said about it:

Think it's only brilliant feedback because they're applying? Think twice 😎. We encourage candidates to — and do appreciate when — they share constructive feedback on what we can improve on. That's how we learn! It's not included here because it gives a little too many details about the tasks we send out 😜 but here's a teaser you'll have to trust me on: we have iterated on tasks multiple times and across roles based on candidates’ feedback.

Values are shared beliefs that guide our decision-making, and culture is how we function as a group and how we live our values as individuals. That’s why we don’t test for culture: everyone has something new to bring! Values, however, are something we test for in our interview process, but we can't reveal that much more. 😉

If you are applying for any of our live roles, then we can’t wait to see your application come across our (virtual) desks. If you’re a People person looking to iterate on your own hiring process, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions to us more directly.

In the meantime...

Know of job boards that cater to diverse talent pools? We're always looking for more places to reach great people — please email hello@learnerbly.com with your suggestions if they're not already in this wonderful list (and if you're a People person, you must check it out).

Please share your feedback with us to hello@learnerbly.com; we’re always learning.

🎇 Live roles on our About Us page

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