February 7, 2022

Learnerbly - Spark Something: An Intro to Our Brand Narrative

Melissa Malec

Five years ago when we got started as a company, we had big goals for the world of Learning and Development (L&D). We wanted to transform it from a top-down, compliance-driven function into one where everyone was empowered to own their growth, set their own learning journeys and have access to the resources that would best allow them to do so. We wanted companies to invest in the personal development of their people today and see the return on that investment tomorrow. 

We don’t look like anything else in the L&D space. We’re not an LXP, not an LMS, nor an E-learning library. That’s deliberate. But navigating as an unknown entity has its challenges and it’s only been because of the shared vision and trust of our clients that our mission to transform L&D feels achievable. 

It’s our clients’ dedication to their people that pushes us to always be better for our learners. Their buy-in and support have allowed us to grow and expand quickly. In the last year, our team has nearly tripled in size and we’re curating unique learning resources and experiences for thousands of users in over 85 organisations across 50 countries.

That growth has brought us to a point where the next stage of our journey requires more than our old brand afforded us. In the words of our CRO Jonny Day:

If we wanted to truly transform the world of L&D we needed to turn our message into something compelling enough to take on learning and development on a global scale. 

We needed a new brand that reflected our goals but also showed how inspiring workplace learning can be when it’s done right. This rebrand is more than just a facelift, it’s a representation of who we are, the impact we want to make on the world alongside our clients and where we will be going as a platform in the future. 

Our new brand narrative

Every great innovation and idea starts from a moment of inspiration, a new idea — a spark. 

These sparks might start small but it doesn’t take long for them to grow, bouncing off one another and pushing your people and business further. Success lives in those sparks and they can come from anyone, anywhere. 

So, why should you leave them to chance? Why shouldn’t you create an environment where they happen every day?

Learnerbly provides learning resources that get sparks flying in your people, an environment where they can bump into brilliance, creating a personal learning culture that inspires and excites everybody.

One where sharing, challenging and sparking ideas comes naturally, and where nobody’s hidden potential stays hidden for long.

That’s the crux of our brand and why our platform puts your business on the path to success by having you invest in the learning journeys of your people.

We’re Learnerbly and we Spark Something great in every one of your people. 

I’ll leave you with the words of our CEO and Founder, Rajeeb Dey MBE:

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