February 7, 2022

Make Your Company's Learning More Visible with Our Slack App

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Learnerbly's Slack app helps learning at work fit into your team's existing workflow.

As a partially remote team ourselves, we use Slack to communicate, commiserate and share our successes and learnings every work day. Spurred on by that, we developed our own Slack app internally over the course of a year before releasing it to our clients.

Sharing what you're learning, and seeing what other colleagues are reading or recommending can be a powerful multiplier for learning at work. It keeps us accountable, shares knowledge and encourages natural conversations about professional development between co-workers and managers.

Our app reports to a channel of your choice on Slack when learners at your company make a request or review a resource on Learnerbly. We're aware how important privacy is, so we won't share requests which learners have chosen to only show to their direct managers.

Our app also allows managers to approve their team's learning requests directly through Slack! When one of their team makes a request, the Learnerbly Slack bot will DM their manager, who can review, approve and decline the request right there in Slack.

With this updated iteration, we've made the learning activity at your organisation more visible, and allowed your managers to approve requests in the flow of work.

Going forward, we're looking to further integrate Learnerbly into your team's workspace in Slack to spark your company's creativity.

Installation Instructions

Once you have installed the Slack app through Learnerbly, you will need to invite the app into a channel by typing @Learnerbly. We use a channel called #learninganddevelopment for this, and we suggest picking an existing channel around learning, sharing content or office notifications.

You can test that the app is set up correctly by requesting or reviewing any resource through Learnerbly.

Once the Slack app is installed, your managers will automatically receive DMs from the Learnerbly slack bot to approve requests. If they do not wish to receive these messages, they can mute them by right-clicking on the Learnerbly app within Slack and clicking "Mute conversation".

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