February 7, 2022

New Currencies and Countries For You and Your People

Melissa Malec

We’ve just released two major product updates: multi-currency and localised content. We’ve expanded our markets to cover learners based in the UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. We can also now offer personal learning budgets in Euros (€), USD ($), and GBP (£). Growing and managing learning cultures across offices and countries has never been easier or more friendly for your finance department.

multi-currency budget

Why Multi-Currency and New Localised Products?

You’ve struggled to deliver the same Learning & Development experience to your people outside of the UK that your people inside receive. In your efforts to do so, you’ve been burdened with poor services abroad, the hassle of currency conversions and exchange rates and have felt the need to justify these added expenses. 

Not anymore. 

We’re bringing democratised learning to the world, country by country because, let’s face it, world domination takes time 😏. Who have we already liberated? The UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

Learnerbly’s new multi-currency and localised content features allow you to set budgets for employees in Euros, USD, and of course, our default currency of GBP. Users will only see the learning resources relevant and available to them. Prices will be in a learner’s original currency where possible to avoid transaction fees, and auto-converted otherwise. A budget’s currency can be managed simply and efficiently by admins so that the Learnerbly experience is as seamless as possible for managers and learners alike.


Like we said above, we now operate with the following currencies: Euros (€), USD ($), and GBP (£).

Key Takeaways:
  • You can allocate Personal Learning Budgets in three different currencies.
  • There’s little worry over what the exchange rate is and how much of your budget will get used on a resource. Learners will see, at a glance, what is left of their budget and the related costs of resources they wish to purchase. 
  • Fees are minimised and where available, payment is completed in the original currency. 
  • You’ll save money as a business and your finance team will be happy. Don’t we all love a happy finance team?
  • Equally allocated budgets for democratised access.
  • Your people will be given access to a budget that reflects their role and is equally allocated across your team. Their location and currency won’t hold back their learning, upskilling or career progression.

Localised Content

Our expansion to new countries includes the UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

Key Takeaways:
  • Users outside of the UK have the same experience that our users in the UK already know and love.
  • Localised content means that we can properly and efficiently handle requests in the countries we serve without sourcing from abroad. 
  • Country-specific content for our users.
  • Your people in the Netherlands will see courses running in Amsterdam, while your people in Sweden will see courses based in Stockholm. Basically, users only see what content is relevant to them and that they can physically access.
  • A cohesive learning and development culture across your offices and countries.
  • Learnerbly helps you build a learning culture that lasts. We create a company-wide experience whereby your people can recommend resources between each other regardless of location and those in Sweden can see what those in Germany are requesting, reviewing and learning.  

We'll Grow Together

Our next steps are to continue to expand to new countries and currencies, catering to more of your employees and offices. 

As your people grow and develop with our workplace learning platform, we’ll do the same, aiming to meet the needs of new countries while making the ones we serve now even better. 

We prefer to think of ourselves as L&D liberators with learning truly being for all, but all the same...

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