February 7, 2022

Our Favourite Learning Resources for Working Remotely

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There's a good chance that most of us will have to from home more often or go remote for a weeks in the near future to help manage the coronavirus outbreak.

Working from home isn't necessarily as straightforward as it sounds — it's not just about the change of scenery. There are lots of nuances and challenges involved, whether logistical, productivity-related or emotional.

You've probably got enough on your mind already, so these resources will help you make this transition as smooth as possible, for yourself and the rest of your team 💪.

Here are our favourite resources for working remotely to make it a comfortable and productive experience!

(If you're interested, that's the Learnerbly office ^ on our first all-remote test 😃)

Gitlab's Guide to Remote Work and Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

The best place to start with tackling remote work is to look at the companies that do it already, and do it well! The best-known ones are Zapier and Gitlab, both of which have shared their policies, company handbooks and general advice about all aspects of running a remote business.

The Virtual Manager collection

Managing a virtual team can be very different from managing an in-person team. In-person communication and interaction means that lots of issues can be addressed through backchannels and informal chats — something which is much more difficult in remote work. This collection of books on remote management will help you collaborate, run meetings and lead teams virtually.

The creative independent on feeling healthy

The flexibility of remote work is alluring, but it can also have its own set of challenges, whether that's due to lack of exercise, loneliness or being unsettled by a different keyboard. This free zine from The Creative Independent collects artists' responses about how to balance your physical and mental health with your work.

How to build social connection in a remote team

One of the tougher aspects of remote work can be the lack of serendipitous human interaction, whether that's at the coffee machine, out at lunch, or just chatting about the game last night. Basecamp is an all-remote company that's addressed these issues for years, and they've got seven ideas for what to do.

Make time: How to focus on what matters every day

With more freedom to define your schedule at home, I find it's easy to swing between the poles of getting nothing done, and finding yourself working till ten o'clock in the evening. Make Time, based on the article One Big Thing, realigns your expectations of productivity to help you feel more focused.

21st century work life

Remote work is a distinctly 21st century invention. It both reflects and drives the future of work going forward. This podcast from Virtual not Distant isn't just focused on remote work, but covers all the challenges and opportunities in the modern workplace.

And with all of this taken on board, check out how Learnerbly is transitioning to a fully remote company over the coming months.

Online Courses

If we're all going to be cooped up at home, it might be a good moment to take an online course to learn a new skill or simply stretch your creativity? We recommend:

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