April 8, 2022

Supercharge Your Skills Gap Analysis with Learnerbly 

Melissa Malec

Are you thinking about doing a Skills Gap Analysis (SGA)? If so, then you may want to consider using Learnerbly to support the process—or even replace it entirely.


The L&D needs of your team are continually changing, and periodic SGA reviews can (and will) miss a ton of detail. 

Luckily, there is another way…

What is Learnerbly?

Learnerbly is an online learning and development (L&D) marketplace for businesses that want to empower their people to own their development.

We provide thousands of quality-controlled learning resources from over 250 providers. 

Learners have access to curated content, personalised to their goals, interests, and preferred style of learning whether that be books, in person courses, online courses, articles, podcasts, videos and more.

Learnerbly works well alongside or instead of a skills gap analysis because your people will be informing you of their skills gaps through what they prioritise learning and how those priorities change over time.

Get Real-Time Data on your People’s L&D Requirements

A traditional skills gap analysis is a snapshot of your people’s skills at one point in time, but can’t capture how those needs will change and evolve. 

It’s also time-consuming to pull all the answers together for a useful dataset. What you really need is a real-time view of your team’s L&D needs.

Your People’s Behaviour Tells a Story

Rather than asking your people what their L&D needs are, it’s better to offer some options and see how they react. Using Learnerbly, you can quickly see whether people are engaging in L&D and see what they choose to learn. 

Analyse Data Quickly

Collating and analysing SGA data is time-consuming. With Learnerbly, you see what your team is learning and how often they’re engaging. You’ll quickly see trends and what resources are popular. Our monthly breakdowns and your Quarterly Business Reviews with a dedicated Customer Success contact will help you keep tabs on your people’s learning and identify any gaps.

Tailor your Learning Programmes

Real-time data allows you to see how people’s behaviours change over time and adjust your learning programmes accordingly. For example, if people are regularly looking for a specific skill set you can create a playlist of learning resources to help guide your people.

Learnerbly is a Better Experience for your People. 

The Learnerbly platform is a great user experience; it will engage your people far more than a traditional SGA.

More Time to Think about Skills Needs

A traditional SGA gives people one opportunity to explain their learning needs. Learnerbly puts them in charge of their own learning, giving them time to think about their skills and personal development goals and to revisit their interests and preferences as they change. 

It’s More Engaging

Your people can explore a range of resources and resource types before choosing the ones they like best. They can experiment with different formats in a relaxed environment. Sometimes preferences in format can change. Learnerbly CEO, Rajeeb Dey MBE used to read books as a preferred learning style but has since switched to consuming podcasts and using Blinkist.

They Can Learn Autonomously

With Learnerbly, people can set and manage their own L&D goals. Managers and admins can see what their people are learning and discuss these resources and skills in one-to-one meetings.

They Feel Valued and Inspired

Empowering people to manage their L&D gets them thinking about their future and inspires them to achieve more. It also makes them feel valued — they know that their company is investing in their development and trusting them to manage it.

It’s Better for Your Business

Organisations can save time and money by using Learnerbly. Here are some of the reasons why:

It’s More Efficient

Learnerbly is more efficient than a traditional SGA. Rather than waiting for data to be gathered and analysed, your people can begin learning immediately. 

Dedicated Support

Every organisation that uses Learnerbly gets a customer success rep to ensure they get the best out of the platform. They can help an organisation regularly review their SGA data and use it to improve learning programmes. The level of support is dependent on the pricing package but even our most basic pricing option receives regular touch-points and support.

It’s Flexible

At Learnerbly, we’re constantly adding new resources to our platform and always work to fulfill the needs of clients if there is a gap in material.

We also welcome suggestions for new content from our clients and users to ensure that we deliver learning resources that would best suit their needs. 

More Engaged People

By giving your people access to great resources and the space to explore them, you’ll create an L&D culture that sustains itself. Here’s how Learnerbly delivered results at Unmind.

Learnerbly Delivers People Engagement Improvements at Unmind

Unmind is a workplace mental health SaaS platform.


In 2020, fewer than 20% of their people had used their learning budget — those who did used only 10% of it on average. 

The problem was that they didn’t know what to learn. At the same time, the People Operations team struggled with manually processing and tracking the requests that did come through.

Unmind’s team was about to double in size, meaning that more requests were on the way. 


Unmind came to Learnerbly for a solution to get its people learning.

They wanted a learning platform that:

  • Catered to individual learning needs and preferences
  • Hosted resources their people could confidently use to upskill
  • Supported and inspired a learning community


Within six months, 99% of Unmind’s people had signed up, and engagement increased 400%. Other benefits have included:

  • Employees regularly request new learning resources 
  • People are in charge of their learning and learning budget
  • The People Team is no longer bogged down in admin tasks 

To discuss how Learnerbly can help your business, book a video call with us here.

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