May 20, 2022

Why Now, During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Is the Time to Invest in Your People

Rajeeb Dey, CEO

These are unsettling times for employees. Whether you're an essential frontline worker or doing your part by working from home and reducing your social contact to save lives. Fundamentally, employers need to prioritise the health and safety of their people and do their part. In such conditions, we look to leaders to lead, be decisive in their actions and to provide that support that we all need right now.

For a lot of our customers, who are mainly technology businesses, the shift to remote work has been relatively effortless. We've seen them adjusting to the new paradigm with aplomb and creativity. But this is a marathon, rather than a sprint. The novelty will wear off. Maintaining morale, productivity and engagement during the prolonged period to come will be critical.

So, what else can employers do to support their people? Invest in them. Remotely. We have to stay at home to save lives. There's only so much Netflix you can watch before you start craving some mental stimulation. Investing in your people will make them feel valued and enable them to better themselves which in the long run will benefit the company with an up-skilled and productive workforce when things return to normal.

Encourage your managers to have those development conversations with their team. Identify learning goals and find the relevant resources in accomplishing those goals. Find people to learn with. Establish a company book club and facilitate discussions over Zoom. Organise pow-wows to watch Masterclass together. Share skills in virtual lunch and learns. Empower your people to support each other and grow together and create a culture of learning. Learn to build resilience; learn to support your well-being and learn to be your best self.

With the uncertainty surrounding us all, one thing we do know for sure: the world will be a different place at the end of this pandemic. Times like these are when bonds of solidarity are built. What you can do right now is foster that and prepare your organisation for what the new world will be like.

As a result of the impact lockdown is having on several businesses across the county, we at Learnerbly have launched an initiative to support furloughed employees, with hope that we can provide value to employers and employees by providing access to free L&D resources.

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