February 7, 2022

Why We’re Working with the LPI

Melissa Malec

What is the LPI, how do they impact our work, and why are we so excited to be working with them?

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is a leading global authority on workplace learning and professional development. Learnerbly has just achieved LPI accreditation, which will positively impact our work and our users in a number of ways. 

We’ll unpack some of these benefits in this blog post, but first we’ll explain more about what the LPI does and what our accreditation with them means.

What Is the LPI?

Established in 1995, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is a global workplace learning and professional development authority. 

The LPI bolsters workplace learning and development (L&D) around the world.

They help L&D professionals and organisations to network, collaborate, and learn from each other, and it’s a hugely influential authority within the industry. 

What Is LPI Certification? 

LPI certification is an ongoing programme that certifies high-quality providers of workplace learning, learning technologies, and learning facilities.

The programme also challenges certified providers to continuously improve their performance. 

They have to keep up with the LPI’s performance standards to maintain their certification—it’s not a place for businesses to rest on their laurels!

Learnerbly underwent a rigorous assessment process to earn its accreditation as a certified learning technologies provider. 

The Benefits of LPI Accreditation

We’re thrilled about our LPI accreditation—not just because it validates all the hard work we’ve done at Learnerbly over the last few years, but because of all the ways in which it benefits our users, the broader workplace learning industry, and Learnerbly as a company.

For Our Users

The main benefit our LPI certification offers our users is the third-party verification that our learning technology marketplace is of high quality, as measured by industry standards and validated by experts.

Because the LPI is a globally recognised organisation, our certification will help us show users in other countries that we meet not just local but global performance standards. 

LPI certification requires us to continuously meet the organisation’s high performance standards. Our certification therefore serves to reassure our users that our high product standards are an ongoing commitment, not just a once-off performance. 

Finally, the LPI’s Code of Practice for Providers of Learning Technologies holds us accountable to our users if we don’t deliver what we promise. 

For the Industry

The LPI benefits the entire L&D industry by creating and maintaining a network of its biggest and best companies. 

This network establishes points of contact that make it easier for companies to: 

  • Share advice and learning resources with one another
  • Learn from one another by working together more closely
  • Form collaborative partnerships
  • Challenge one another to improve through friendly competition 

Having this support structure in place helps established learning providers grow stronger and emerging providers find their feet faster. This helps the L&D industry set a high bar for excellence, which benefits the field as a whole. 

For Us

First and foremost, our LPI accreditation challenges us to keep delivering high-quality learning resources and experiences to our users.

Our growing company also benefits greatly from the mentorship we get from our LPI advisor, the LPI’s advisory board of influential business leaders, and from being part of an institute with over 25 years of experience in our industry.

We’re also really excited to have access to the LPI’s steady stream of fresh and insightful L&D resources, which includes research reports, industry news, and insight from L&D’s brightest minds. 

All in all, our work with the LPI makes us a better company, and we’re so excited to watch this benefit our platform, our users, and our industry collaborators. 


As a growing L&D platform, gaining certification from a world-leading global authority on workplace learning is an exciting milestone for us.

The support we and our L&D peers get from the LPI makes the industry stronger and more innovative.  

Our LPI accreditation challenges us to keep delivering a high-quality marketplace for workplace learning, holding us accountable to our end users. 

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