December 11, 2023

Feature-By-Feature: How to Enable Performance with Learnerbly

Melissa Malec

Business success is defined by an organization's ability to adapt and be at the forefront of industry trends that become best practice.

But only a handful of companies recognize that the key to business growth is to give their people the tools they need to upskill themselves and maximize performance in their roles. 

Those that don’t invest in their people’s development risk stagnation, losing top talent, and ultimately their company’s bottom line. Just take a look at the research.  

👀 90% of businesses fail to reach their targets.

👀 8 out of 10 projects fail to deliver their objectives.

👀 50% of businesses fail by their fifth year.

Recently, performance enablement has emerged as the ultimate win-win strategy for boosting business agility and maximizing employee potential.

In fact, performance enablement empowers businesses to:

💥 Bridge knowledge gaps amongst their people.

💥 Align employees with key business results.

💥 Equip team members to deliver against business priorities.

In this article, we break down how performance enablement can drive your organization forward and highlight how Learnerbly can help your business achieve its outcomes today. 

Wait, How Do We Define Performance Enablement?

Unlike performance management—where managers reflect on employees' past performance—performance enablement is all about shifting focus to achieve better:

⚡ Alignment that ensures everyone is working towards the same vision.

⚡ Retention to keep your high-performers engaged and growing within your organization.

⚡ Productivity that keeps your team firing on all cylinders and achieving your business goals.

As we mentioned earlier, performance enablement creates win-win outcomes for businesses and their people by aligning employee goals with key business priorities. 

Ultimately, performance enablement is about giving employees the tools and support they need to execute with excellence and make a more significant impact on the business—while leveraging their individual strengths, driving the bottom line, and maximizing success.

How Does Learnerbly Help Businesses Maximize Performance?

To unlock your business’s full potential, you need to enable your people to perform at their best, unblock progress in the flow of work, and grow in their roles.

Our platform puts your team in the driver's seat of their own growth and development—with your business’s top priorities at the forefront of their learning.

With access to expert-vetted content, Learnerbly allows your people to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling performance through these key features:

1. The Marketplace & L&D Budgets

Carefully curated, expert-vetted training at your people’s fingertips

Our curated marketplace of vetted and peer-reviewed content includes everything from coaches and online courses to books, videos, and articles. 

By hosting your people's learning budgets in our platform they can be seamlessly and efficiently spent without the need for reimbursement.

Plus the transparency of knowing exactly what your people have to spend on learning makes them more likely to learn. (If you want to learn more about effective L&D budget creation, be sure to check out our guide.)

With a wide variety of resources available at their fingertips, your people can find the tools they need to succeed and progress quickly on their projects and goals. 

So whether it's honing their technical skills, expanding their knowledge base, or improving their soft skills, we've got you covered.

Our learning resources fit into your organization’s flow of work and enable performance by:

Saving time

Say you want to upskill your marketing team so that they’re more equipped to create attention-grabbing, high-converting emails. 

Traditionally, this would mean taking a few weeks—or even months—to find the right learning materials and getting budget approval to send them on the course. 

As we all know, time is precious. Any time that your managers or People leaders spend on admin tasks is time that they could have spent developing growth strategies for your employees and your business.

With Learnerbly, you and your People leaders can say goodbye to endless hours spent searching for the right resources and getting them expensed.

Our platform features expertly curated content that's all in one place, so your team can easily access the latest and best resources to upskill quickly. 

Instead of spending their time on tedious admin, your people can focus on:

🧠 Engaging with their learning material. 

💪 Putting their new knowledge into practice.

🔓 Making progress in their projects or roles.  

📈 Driving your business forward. 

Unblocking progress

In today's cut-throat business environment, staying ahead of your competitors and beating them to market can be a tall order. 

With a learning platform that enables performance, you can give your company the edge it needs. 

By giving your people access to industry-leading content collections on Learnerbly, your business can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the market. 

Imagine that a new client of yours wants your marketing team to launch a campaign on a platform they aren’t familiar with. 

Instead of having to outsource the work or spend time searching for learning resources, Learnerbly gives your people access to the materials they need to: 

⏰ Upskill quickly. 

🏃 Overcome uncertainty.

😎 Finish their projects with ease. 

The result? Your people are able to deliver the campaign on time and with excellence—without breaking the flow of work. 

Access to expert-vetted content

Our team has an extensive vetting process for every course, book, video, or article you’ll find on Learnerbly, ensuring that they meet our high standards and can equip your employees with the skills they need to maximize performance in their roles. 

Whether you want your employees to close more deals, improve their people management skills, reduce client churn, or launch products faster, Learnerbly's vetted and peer-reviewed resources are carefully curated to upskill everyone in your organization—from juniors to managers, and everyone in between.

2. Playlists

Enable performance with curated content collections that foster a culture of learning

The Playlists you’ll find on Learnerbly are curated collections of resources such as articles, videos, and podcasts organized around a specific theme or topic. 

They are a powerful way to educate your team members on new initiatives or topics, guide employees toward better performance, and bring industry-leading ideas into your business.

Playlists can be put together by anyone from industry-leading experts to internal employees. On the platform itself, playlists are simply called playlists but we think of them in categories based on who puts them together, why they were put together, and who has access to them.

Some of the playlists available on Learnerby include:

Performance Playlists 

Our Performance Playlists help managers guide their teams to high performance and deliver against business priorities. 

During one-to-one sessions or performance reviews, managers can help their direct reports identify the skills they may need to work on and create a Performance Playlist to address those gaps. 

Not only does this help the individual develop specific skills to meet business goals or targets, but it will also enable their high performance, career growth and achievement. 

Public Playlists

With our Public Playlists, you can give your people access to industry-leading ideas and content that inspires innovation and excellence. 

These playlists feature a wide variety of learning material, including online courses, articles, videos and books that have been carefully curated by subject matter experts. Everyone on the Learnerbly platform, regardless of company has access to Public Playlists.

From leadership and innovation to technology and project management, Public Playlists empower employees to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices, giving your business a competitive edge in today's fast-paced environment.

This will also allow your people to: 

💫 Discover new ways of doing things that can help push your business forward.

💫 Develop the skills they need to take on and overcome new challenges.

Alignment Playlists

Let's say your company is rolling out a new rebranding effort that requires all of your people to be aligned on your new vision and mission. 

By creating Alignment Playlists with internal and external content, your business can make sure all employees are on the same page about the company's new direction. 

More importantly, they’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to support your repositioning effort, as well as hit the ground running with team projects or objectives.

Topic Playlists 

Topic Playlists are curated sets of content collections that are built by employees and can be shared with others in your organization who have similar interests. 

By allowing your people to build Topic Playlists with internal or external resources, you can scale learning across your company.

As your employees share their playlists, they can be leveraged by other people in your organization.

This is a great way to encourage knowledge sharing so that everyone in your company can benefit from each other’s expertise and learnings. 

This allows your teams to use collective knowledge to drive results for the company and improve their own skill sets. 

Plus, when knowledge is shared across your organization, you’ll be able to retain business-critical skills and information—even if top talent leaves your business one day. 

3. Format Variety

One of the great hallmarks of our platform is its ability to offer goal-oriented learning opportunities for each of your employees—no matter their skill level. 

After all, a junior copywriter on your marketing team will have very different interests, skills, and goals from a senior engineer on your development team.

With Learnerbly, your employees can access high-quality learning content from over 250 providers, regardless of their field, interests, or reason for upskilling. 

In addition to our wide range of learning topics, we also provide high-quality resources that account for the depth of industry knowledge, from beginner to expert.

This ensures that everyone in your company is taken care of, regardless of whether they’re learning something for the first time that will help them deliver on a business-critical project or sharpening their existing knowledge so that they’re always ready to hit the ground running. 

And when everyone in your business is able to upskill effectively and perform at their best, your company will be able to reach its OKRs and targets faster. 

Because people learn best when they’re fully engaged, our range of content types are designed to suit every learning style and includes books, podcasts, courses, coaches, and more.

When you allow your people to learn in the format that works best for them, their learning is far more likely to be effective in driving their growth and helping them achieve high performance. 

In fact, a larger number of learning formats increases the success rate of skills transformations by more than 20%.

4. Resource Recommendations

Create actionable feedback loops that are directly tied to team and business objectives

Learnerbly’s peer and AI recommendations features help employees focus on upskilling in areas that are most relevant to business, performance and career goals. 


With our peer recommendations feature, your managers and team members can help fill knowledge gaps across the business by suggesting learning materials to one another. 

If your company uses 360 performance feedback or employee listening, this information can be directly connected to relevant learning resources for your people. 

The best part is, these content recommendations can then be linked to business objectives, allowing you to plan your people’s learning around specific organizational or team goals.

Say for example a manager identifies that a direct report is struggling with SEO. 

They can use the resource recommendation feature on Learnerbly to suggest relevant, expert-vetted learning resources to help them improve in that area. 

This means that the employee can make their development feedback actionable by prioritizing their upskilling efforts on gaps their managers and coworkers have identified. 

The result is a more focused and intentional learning experience because the content recommended is directly linked to areas the employee could improve on. 

Ultimately, this equips managers and employees with the tools they need to:

💡 Facilitate actionable, clear feedback loops.

💡 Strategically align learning with business goals to answer evolving organizational needs. 

💡 Spend less time searching for high-quality, relevant learning resources.

AI recommendations

Learnerbly combines the best of machine learning and human expertise to provide users with content that’s engaging and hyper-relevant to their performance goals. 

With our platform, every user begins their journey by filling out a questionnaire that aligns the platform’s algorithm to their skills, interests and format preferences. 

From there, the system continuously improves its AI recommendations based on how the learner interacts with the resources in the marketplace.

For example, an employee who has shown an interest in learning about Paid Social Media Advertising might be recommended resources on Google Advertising to complement their past behaviors and learning history. 

Not do these AI recommendations cut down on the time spent trying to find quality learning materials, but it also allows users to discover new topics or resources they may not have considered before. 

5. Automated Workflows

Seamlessly automate tasks to enhance the learning and development process

The easier it is for people to learn, the more likely they are to continuously engage with it. 

That’s why we designed our system to remove friction to upskilling and reduce the time users need to spend sourcing, reviewing and distributing learning resources. 

Our automated workflows let you automate tasks such as approval, purchasing, and expensing resources, ultimately eliminating the need for People teams and leaders to manage these time-consuming processes manually.

When it comes to your people, they can access the resources they need to upskill themselves and develop their careers quickly and easily. 

Instead of searching online for resources or waiting days for managers to sign off on them, our automated workflow means it takes less time and effort to find expert content. 

This also means that it’s easier to scale learning across your organization because everyone has the resources, guidance and structure to learn and share learnings on their own.

6. AI-Powered Learning Pathways

Providing adaptive learning and development opportunities

Progression is widely considered to be a priority at work—and yet over half of HR leaders don’t extend career advancement opportunities to every employee (56%). Often, leaders don’t have the resources to make individual learning recommendations to support direct reports to reach their goals. But we know AI is adept at saving people time. 

In an ideal world, every career conversation uses AI to assess an individual’s existing skills and make recommendations for further learning. Managers can build on the work done in performance reviews, giving AI information about an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and individual goals and asking what skills are missing.  

That’s exactly what Learnerbly’s AI-powered learning pathways feature was built for. It works by analyzing the information provided about an employee’s goals, assessing what skills are required, and building a personalized, five-step plan to help them get there.

For example, imagine a new product manager who wants to become the Head of Product at their company. 

Learnerbly’s AI can analyze their goals and make learning recommendations such as:

  1. Enroll in a course like Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy & Metrics from Udemy to develop skills in strategic planning, market analysis, and product lifecycle management.
  2. Receive coaching from an experienced senior product manager to get personalized guidance, feedback and career advice.
  3. Read the article from Product Plan: What Does the Goldilocks Cross-Functional Product Team Look Like?
  4. Listen to the Fearless Product Leadership podcast, S4 Ep1: Setting the Stage: How do you create a foundation for effective resource allocation? 
  5. Enroll in a course like Udemy’s Become a Data-Driven Product Manager to learn how to interpret data and make data-driven decisions is crucial for strategic product planning.

Every resource our AI suggests—even coaching!—is available through our L&D marketplace of 250 learning providers like Pluralsight, Udemy, Codecademy, and Blinkist. It only takes a few minutes to create a learning pathway, allowing employees to easily find new learning objectives and track their progress.

Boost Your Business's Bottom Line With a Learning Platform That Enables Performance

Enabling high performance and staying ahead of the curve requires a commitment to upskilling your people—without disrupting the normal flow of work. 

Without it, businesses risk failing to reach their targets, slowing their growth, and losing their top performers.

At Learnerbly, we provide access to thousands of high-quality learning resources from over 250 providers, each curated to create a lasting impact on your business. 

Not only does this help you align your people to your business goals and learning initiatives, but it also:

💪 Make teams more agile.

🖥️ Boosts efficiency and productivity.

💡 Attracts and retains top talent.

From books and in-person courses to online resources like podcasts and videos, we cater to every individual's preferred learning style, goals, and interests. 

By tying these expert resources to your company's objectives, you enable your people to perform at their best, deliver against business priorities on time and remain engaged in their work. 

Signifyd uses Learnerbly to achieve business goals faster:

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