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Effective L&D That Helps Signifyd Attract, Onboard and Retain at Scale


Have signed up and engaged with at least one free learning resource


Of Signifyd users have used their learning budget via Learnerbly


Of all learning requests come from engineers (compared to almost no engagement with a previous tool)


Signifyd is an end-to-end e-commerce protection platform to prevent fraud and consumer abuse for retailers.


FinTech - e-commerce and fraud detection

Meet Signifyd 

Signifyd was founded on the belief that e-commerce businesses should be able to grow and increase sales without worrying about fraud or consumer abuse. 

When the pandemic hit, their services were needed more than ever. There were more people shopping online and more e-commerce businesses to protect from fraud. 

Meeting demand and scaling was top of mind for Signifyd’s leaders, and what that really boiled down to was attracting and retaining the right talent while upskilling the talent they already had.

We spoke with Emily Mikailli, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Signifyd, to find out how Learnerbly helps them accomplish their goals.

Their Challenge

Rapid growth is exciting to a business, but it also brings pressure to sustain that growth.

When you're in growth mode, the ability to grow is inextricably linked to resourcing — and resourcing boils down to three things: hiring, retention, and time to ramp.

Emily Mikailli, Senior Vice President (SVP) of People Operations at Signifyd

The key to continuing Signifyd’s growth would be attracting and retaining in-demand, business-critical talent like engineers, data scientists and product managers. 

A One-Size-Fits-None Solution

When Signifyd’s People team first got a budget for L&D, they rolled out Linkedin Learning across the company.

Despite their best efforts to engage employees, the vast majority of the company wasn't utilizing the platform at all, particularly their technical teams. Linkedin Learning’s content simply wasn’t relevant to their skills, needs or interests and left them unengaged.

That’s why the People team was becoming inundated with requests from Engineers asking for more relevant learning resources. A name that kept coming up was Pluralsight.

As their Linkedin Learning contract came to an end, Signifyd knew they needed a better solution for their people’s L&D needs—one that would also translate into:

Faster ramp time when onboarding

Better talent acquisition

Greater retention

Due to low engagement with LinkedIn Learning, the People team felt the company’s money was being wasted. 

So it was really important that their next L&D solution would give them better outcomes. 

Our Solution 

Signifyd’s People team started exploring different L&D solutions—one of the options being Pluralsight.

But when they heard about Learnerbly, they realised they didn’t have to pick and choose one provider over another. Instead, they could give their people access to a range of providers (including Pluralsight) that covered everyone’s needs, all in one place.

Signifyd doesn't have to juggle multiple L&D tools or company-wide subscriptions just to deliver equitable L&D to their teams. And there isn’t a fixed cost outside of the platform fee meaning they’ll only spend on learning that people actually want to use.

This approach meant that Emily was able to offer Signifyd’s people a bespoke L&D solution without putting it together herself. 

Learnerbly pays for itself if you think about the time, labour and additional costs you would incur if you tried to replicate the same offering. 

It’s a bespoke L&D plan without having to make it bespoke yourself. 

Emily Mikailli, SVP of People Operations at Signifyd

The Outcomes 

An Employee Journey That Helps the Business Grow

Since rolling Learnerbly out, Signifyd has been able to offer more value to their people at every stage of the employee journey. 

Let’s take a closer look at how this has helped the business continue growing. 

Attracting Talent with the Promise of Development

Finding and nurturing the right talent is critical to Signifyd’s success as it continues to scale. 

This is one of the reasons why the People team have started showcasing their L&D opportunities on their careers page and LinkedIn job specs. 

When Signifyd makes a new hire, they send each new joiner an offer package that outlines Learnerbly as one of the core ways their professional development will be supported. There’s no question as to how invested they are in their people’s growth.

Better Retention and Engaged Engineers

When Signifyd had LinkedIn Learning, they found that their people were using the platform less and less as time went on. 

The People team knew they needed to find something better to help their technical talent stay engaged and up to date with the demands of the industry. 

Since using Learnerbly, Signifyd’s engineers have made up 25%  of all users and 25% of all learning requests. 

That’s compared to virtually none of their engineers engaging with LinkedIn Learning.

Learnerbly allows Signifyd’s technical talent to access content that helps them add value to the company and is relevant to their careers—whether it’s a Pluralsight subscription, a book, a podcast or a mixture of formats. 

Engineers can also access learning resources that fall outside of their role, which is important for keeping talent engaged and feeling valued.

Bringing in Learnerbly meant we could fill roles faster, keep people longer and get them to be productive faster. 

All of these things meant that it took less time to get to the results we were trying to accomplish as a business.

Emily Mikailli, SVP of People Operations at Signifyd

Get to Full Productivity Quicker

Due to the rate that Signifyd was growing, they needed to find an L&D solution that would help their new joiners reach full productivity faster. 

Since the company was in such a new space, they struggled to find specialised resources that would cater to each person’s interests and needs. 

With Learnerbly, new joiners have access to hundreds of curated resources to help them develop their skills and get up to speed. 

Signifyd’s people have also been able to gain the technical skills they would need to explore internal roles—which would not have been possible before Learnerbly. 

For example, if someone in marketing wants to learn how to code, they can use their budget to do so. One day, if an entry-level engineering role comes up in the company, that same marketer could make the move internally.

Building Connections and a Better Work Environment

Using Learnerbly has allowed Signifyd to form better connections with one another. 

There are now opportunities for team members to create book clubs around shared interests and learning goals, as well as get to know each other better. 

When Signifyd’s people reach important milestones, managers and colleagues can send each other books or recommendations through Learnerbly. 

I love that Learnerbly has allowed our people to find common connections through book clubs and shared interest groups. 

The best part is that Learnerbly makes it so easy for people to access the same resources and start discussions about them. 

Emily Mikailli, SVP of People Operations at Signifyd

More Learning Than Ever Before

When Signifyd implemented Learnerbly over a year ago, they set themselves a utilisation goal of 50%. To date, they have exceeded that with 95% utilisation. 

Bringing Learnerbly in has been hugely successful—hugely popular. Engagement is like night and day from what we saw before.

Emily Mikailli, SVP of People Operations at Signifyd

Looking Ahead 

After a year of service, Signifyd was so confident in the value-add of Learnerbly that they signed on for another two years. 

In fact, Signifyd will soon be using our platform to supplement their new onboarding programme and a wider L&D project, Signifyd University.

If you’re interested in seeing the same results in your learning and development offering, get in touch with one of our learning and development specialists today. 

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