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Transforming Learning Culture and Increasing Employee Engagement


Flutter is the global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider, operating some of the world's most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands.

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Flutter's commitment to empowering employees through an inclusive learning culture has yielded remarkable results. This case study explores the transformative outcomes, including improved participation and engagement, a significant boost in employee engagement scores, and the establishment of a self-directed and continuous learning culture that has gained attention from senior leadership, particularly in relation to the Learnerbly platform.

Flutter is the world’s leading online sports betting and iGaming operator. The Group consists of a diverse portfolio of leading recreational brands and products with a broad global reach. They operate some of the world’s most innovative, diverse and distinctive online sports betting and iGaming brands such as FanDuel, Sky Betting & Gaming, Sportsbet, PokerStars, Paddy Power, Sisal, Tombola, Betfair, MaxBet, Junglee Games and Adjarabet

In 2021 the UK and Ireland division was formed of some of the most popular betting and gaming brands in the market. These mega brands are Sky Betting and Gaming, Betfair, Paddy Power and tombola. Amidst the challenges of consolidating different businesses, learning approaches and technological frameworks, Flutter UKI recognized the need for a continuous and self-directed learning culture. 

Flutter aims to instigate positive change within the sector through its Positive Impact Plan. The plan revolves around four key pillars – Do More, Play Well, Go Zero, and Work Better. These pillars are designed to foster an inclusive and empowering environment for Flutter's colleagues. As part of the Work Better pillar, Flutter is empowering colleagues to connect, collaborate, and learn together, and is dedicated to creating a workplace that prioritises continuous learning and development.

As part of this commitment, one of the brands within the company introduced a well-utilised learning fund, allowing employees to invest up to £1000/euros in relevant learning opportunities that empowers colleagues to take control of their learning journeys.

The Strategy

Flutter consolidated systems to include one LMS, Udemy, and Learnerbly. The goal was to create more consistency that included a shift from traditional models to a more self-directed model.

Through Learnerbly, colleagues would all get a stipend to control their learning journeys and have opportunities to connect with peers and direct their own learning paths.

They wanted to create a holistic and inclusive approach to learning that would empower employees to take control of their learning journeys.

The Results

In six months of using Learnerbly, Flutter noticed the following results.

Proactive Learning Advocacy

With employees actively advocating for their own development plans, there has been a noticeable increase in participation and engagement. Individuals are not only participating in learning opportunities but are also taking the initiative to explore and pursue a diverse range of developmental activities.

Flutter observed significant improvements in employee participation in this program because of Learnerbly’s ease of use and self-directed style. This participation and excitement around the learning culture also helped to improve employee engagement in the LMS and Udemy.

Dynamic Learning Atmosphere

The learner-led approach has fostered a dynamic learning atmosphere at Flutter. Colleagues are not merely consumers of learning resources; they are contributors, bringing diverse perspectives and insights to the organization's continuous learning landscape.

⭐Significant Boost in Employee Engagement Scores

The introduction of learner advocacy and inclusive learning practices looks to be driving improvement in employee engagement scores with questions focused specifically around growth and career development.

⭐Alignment with Professional Growth

The increased engagement scores indicate a strong alignment between the organization's focus on learning and development and colleagues’ perceptions of professional growth opportunities. The intentional efforts to empower learners have resonated positively, contributing to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

⭐Inclusive and Empowering Learning Environment

Flutter's commitment to inclusivity and self-directed learning has created an environment where every employee feels empowered to engage in their unique learning journey. The organization's learning culture is marked by flexibility, adaptability, and a shared commitment to continuous improvement.

⭐Cultural Transformation

The establishment of a self-directed and continuous learning culture signifies a cultural transformation at Flutter. Learning is not perceived as a one-time event but as an ongoing, integral aspect of the organization's ethos. This cultural shift aligns with the rapidly evolving needs of the workforce and the industry.

⭐Top-Down Enthusiasm

The CEO's active involvement and excitement for Learnerbly have set a tone of top-down enthusiasm for learning within the organization. This leadership endorsement signals the strategic importance placed on the platform and the belief in its ability to contribute significantly to employee development.

Flutter x Learnerbly

Flutter UKI's journey towards learner advocacy, inclusive learning, and the strategic embrace of platforms like Learnerbly has resulted in transformative outcomes.

From improved engagement scores to the establishment of a self-directed and continuous learning culture, the organization stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to the professional growth of its workforce.

The CEO's involvement and excitement underscore the strategic importance placed on these initiatives, positioning Flutter for continued success in the competitive landscape of the betting and gaming industry.

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