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Onfido is a Series D scale-up that has raised nearly 200 million in funding since it was founded in 2012.


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Learnerbly gives our employees freedom to choose what and how they learn. It sparks their imagination and leads them to new topics and sources. We want our learning ecosystem to be self-sustaining and thriving, Learnerbly helps us achieve that.

- Jo Barnett, Strategic Director of Learning, Culture, Belonging.

Meet Onfido

Onfido is a company that wants to make identification verification accessible to millions across the globe. To do that, they need to make learning accessible to each and every one of their people.

In fact, one of Onfido’s five values is ‘learn things, share them’. And it’s no wonder when growth, talent attraction and competitive advantage is crucial to the survival and success of organisations like theirs.

We want to create a culture where we share knowledge across the organisation and continually find better ways to improve our employee experience and succeed together. Learnerbly enables us in doing just that.

-  Erica Iliana Mundahl (Assoc. CIPD)

Their challenge 

Having access to learning doesn’t always ensure equity. 

In the past, Onfido had learning budgets set aside at a team level, and to an extent, it was up to the individual to approach their team lead for access. The individual would make a request, their team lead would make a decision, and if they got the green light then the employee often paid upfront and claimed the cost back afterwards. This approach created a few obstacles in the organisation. 

  1. A learning barrier for people who couldn’t afford to pay for a resource out of their own pocket
  2. Unequal distribution of budget as those who shout the loudest get the most
  3. An overall lack of guidance or inspiration for employees who aren’t aware of the learning resources they need or want
  4. It created a lot of admin for the Finance team and People team.

These problems made it difficult for Onfidoers to action their value of ‘learn things, share them’. 

What Onfido and their People team wanted was a solution that saved them time, centralised budget oversight and most importantly gave all Onfidoers equal opportunity and guidance to engage with learning. 

Our solution

Fun fact: Learnerbly was adopted by Onfido at the same time they created a Learning, Culture & Belonging function. We’ve been living in perfect harmony ever since. 
One of the main reasons they brought us in was because we fit so well with where they were going as a company and how they were planning to scale.

From start to finish the Learnerbly team impressed me. The onboarding was frictionless, the system is intuitive and our suggestions or questions are heard and actioned really quickly.

- Jo Barnett, Strategic Director of Learning, Culture, Belonging. 

Erica Mundahl, Onfido’s Senior Learning, Culture & Belonging Partner also said, ‘With Learnerbly, Onfidoers will never be out of pocket or feel that they can’t access learning because they don’t have the money to front the cost. It’s really important to us that no matter seniority or pay level, everyone has equal access to learning.’

The outcome

An attractive Employee Value Proposition

Attracting top talent and standing out when making an offer is hard but Onfido is leveraging their use of Learnerbly as an incentive to join their team.

Learnerbly is something our talent attraction team uses as part of our employee value proposition. We want to highlight that we are serious about our values and we mean it when we say; Onfidoers learn things and share them.

- Erica Iliana Mundahl (Assoc. CIPD)

Streamlined processing

Onfidoers — including the People team and Finance team — can see the value of having a managed for you process when it comes to learning requests. It has cut down on time they would have needed to spend and allows for transparency and ease of access to resources.

Learning with an impact

The People team spoke to some of their top learners to see what impact Learnerbly has had on them. Here’s what two of them had to say:

I can explore widely across a range of topics and tailor how deep I want to go. For some things, an intro (eg a medium article) is enough. For others, I want to learn much more - and I can. This has widened my scope of how I can develop professionally and personally. It also meant that I can be learning things that are immediately relevant to any challenges I face at work and adapt as I go along.

- Onfido employee
Learning on the job is great, but often we need to get the job done for our Clients in order to give them a great experience. This means that sometimes there are fewer opportunities to look into something in more depth. Learnerbly has provided me with a focused list of books that I can read during lunch and in my own time...

Most importantly having Learnerbly available has been a boost as it makes me feel like Onfido really values and supports my self-learning.

-Onfido employee

And the community of learners at Onfido is thriving, too. 

Each week, in their ‘Learn things, share them’ slack channel the People team will post three topic recommendations. Onfidoers then populate the thread with their own recommendations and feedback on resources they’ve accessed through Learnerbly. Erica said, ‘Learnerbly is becoming part of our culture, which is really cool.’

Enhanced learning programs

Onfido has other learning and development initiatives at play and their people use Learnerbly to supplement those programs by requesting relevant materials and resources with their budget. 

They recently sent their female Onfidoers on a course called UPFRONT which came with a resource list. Playlists were created in Learnerbly so anyone who is interested can access the recommended resources whether they’re on the course or not.

It’s been great to see how Onfido has used and ingrained Learnerbly in their organisation. We look forward to seeing what inspiring things they do and learn next. If you’re interested in seeing the same results in your learning and development offering, get in touch with one of our learning and development specialists today.

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